4 Simple Ideas For A Healthy Thanksgiving

4 Simple Ideas For A Healthy Thanksgiving
4 Simple Ideas For A Healthy Thanksgiving
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With traveling plans and Aunt Sue’s casserole, how does one stay fit this Thanksgiving? Murfreesboro Athletic Clubs tells you how!

Pumpkin pie, whipped cream, casseroles and mashed potatoes are a few things we look forward to this time of year. Watching football and movies all weekend doesn’t help with the annual holiday weight gain either! Murfreesboro Athletic Club knows the struggle this time of year with keeping fit and sticking to goals, which is why we are more than just a gym, but a lifestyle for our health community. Learn a few ways you can keep the pounds off and stick to your goals this holiday season!

Get Active!

With a little movement you can offset the calorie intake this Thanksgiving! Enjoy the pumpkin pie, but make a plan to burn off extra calories before indulging. Plan a little family touch football game or a morning 5k. Connie Diekman, Med, RD and former president of the American Dietetic Association suggests, ‘Eat less and exercise more during the holidays which will be your winning formula to preventing weight gain’. She recommends to ‘Increase your steps or lengthen your fitness routine the weeks ahead and especially the day of the feast.’

You Are What You Eat

Even though you can enjoy those popular holiday dishes, if you are preparing them, opt to make them a little lighter. Substituting a few items won’t change the dish, but will make it easier on the hips! Use fat free chicken broth as opposed to regular chicken broth, substitute plain greek yogurt for sour cream and reduce oil and butter where you can, or substitute olive or coconut oil for butter.

Savor Each Bite

The slower you eat, the fuller you will feel. So as good as mom’s mashed potatoes are, eat them slower and you probably won’t eat as much! Also, be sure to eat breakfast! Don’t try to skip calories by missing this important meal. You body needs fuel and by eating in the morning, even if a small amount, will help make you feel fuller as well.

Drink Lots of Water

Another way to feel full is to drink a lot of water throughout the day. A good rule of thumb is to drink 8 ounces when you first awake, a full glass before each meal and another 8 ounces before bed. This will help reduce your appetite as well! If you don’t like water, try a hot herbal tea.

Come Work Off Your Thanksgiving Dinner at Murfreesboro Athletic Club

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