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5 Nutrient-Loaded Foods For a Busy Lifestyle
5 Nutrient-Loaded Foods For a Busy Lifestyle
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Learn how to eat healthy when you are on a busy schedule.

Murfreesboro Athletic Club, a local full service health club or gym, provides you with 5 speedy and simple healthy snack ideas!

What you eat affects your energy. When you ingest low-nutrient foods, you feel the effects. The metabolism is slowed and aging speeds up. But, when you eat healthy, you feel energetic and stronger. Here are five speedy and simple snack foods to bring with you when you are on the go, or when you are feeling guilty for eating that slice of pizza.

Greek Yogurt and Fruit

Greek yogurt is a low calorie snack that contains half the sugar and twice the protein as typical yogurt. It also packs tons of calcium and tummy-loving bacterial cultures. When you mix it with antioxidant rich fruits like berries or magnesium-rich bananas, you have yourself a super snack that’s great for post-workout.


Nuts! These small munchies are packed with protein, amino acids, magnesium, good fats, fiber, and other good-for-you nutrients. Grab a handful in a Ziploc bag to munch on during your day to boost energy. Try a mix of almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, and peanuts.

Boiled Egg

Don’t avoid eating this low calorie and protein rich snack; it’s good for your heart and your eyes. The yolk also contains choline, which help lower the risk of breast cancer. If the odor is a problem, try boiling it with a splash of white vinegar.


These green pods of goodness contain per cup, a third of the daily-recommended fiber and protein intake. It contains 80% of your advised manganese daily intake. Manganese is great for healthy skin and bones and helps regulate blood sugar. Also, protecting against free radicals. It contains iron and vitamin C. How’s that for another super snack?!

Hummus and Veggies

Hummus, usually made with chickpeas, is loaded with iron and half of the daily-recommended fiber. You can easily find it at local supermarkets. You can also make Hummus with edamame. It’s low in calories while still giving you that rich, creamy taste. Try it with slices of crunchy veggies, or even cherry tomatoes!

Let’s be healthy together!

Grab yourself one of these healthy snacks and spend the rest of your day feeling full of life! When grocery shopping around Murfreesboro, you can check out the Murfreesboro Main Street Saturday Market. For when you don’t have time to spend grocery shopping, check out Murfreesboro’s organic restaurants on urbanspoon.