3 Moves To Build Massive Pecs

3 Moves To Build Massive Pecs

Desiring to build a particular part of your body requires strategic exercises to target specific muscle groups. The muscle must be built with a variety of exercises targeting various angles to achieve the best results with proportion and symmetry. The chest consists of two muscle groups, the large pectoralis major and the smaller pectoralis minor underneath. Regardless of body type, a well designed chest protocol targeting the pectoralis major and minor, combined with a clean diet will help see you to your goal. Begin with a few strategic exercises below for chiseled pecs.
1. 180 Degree Twisting Dumbbell Bench Press

A study in Toronto recently showed using a supinated grip during an isometric hold of the flat bench press results in increased activity for the upper portion of the pectoralis major. In order to complete this exercise:

  • Lie on back on a bench holding two dumbbells with palms facing forward. Extend arms over chest.
  • Slowly lower dumbbells to outer chest and press and rotate 180 degrees as you push back up to starting position. The smallest finger on your hand should be inward and palms facing face at the top of movement. Be sure to keep shoulders back and down during bench press to maximize pec involvement.

2. Close Grip Weighted Push Up

A 2005 study at the Mayo Clinic showed the effects of three different hand positions performing the push up: shoulder width, wider, and narrower. The study showed the pectoralis major was worked the most during pushups utilizing a narrow hand position.

  • Begin in push up position, with hands six inches apart. Add resistance by wearing a weighted vest, or by placing a weight on your back.
  • Slowly lower chest to floor and press back up until elbows are fully extended.

3. Forward Leaning Dip

Grab a partner for completion on this routine. Start small and gauge body to determine how deep you go.

  • Place hands on pull-up bars and push yourself up until elbows are locked. Cross legs behind you with knees bent, core tight, and hamstrings and glutes braced.
  • Have a partner hold and pull legs back until you are in a forward leaning position. Body should be in a 30 degree angle to the ground.
  • Lower yourself until shoulders are lower than elbows, and push yourself up by extending your elbows to 180 degrees for a full range of motion.

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