3 Ways To Become The Healthiest You

3 Ways To Become The Healthiest You

See what you can do to become the healthiest version of yourself!
So, whether you are 23 or 65, you can become your healthiest now! What’s keeping you back? Learn 3 ways you can become the healthiest version of yourself! No matter your weight or age, even ‘skinny’ people can be unhealthy if not living a healthy lifestyle. Get more energy, be stronger and feel more alive, with these 3 simple steps!

Work Out Fast and Hard!

There is more and more evidence that short intense workouts may be as good for you than longer, medium intensity workouts. This is called High Intensity Interval Training. Scientists at McMaster University in Canada have shown that intense periods of sweaty exertion raise endurance, lower blood pressure and improve lung capacity. This type of exercise also alters the muscle structure and releases enzymes which, in turn, improves your metabolism! Franklin Athletic Club offers HIITS classes along with Les Mills Bodypump, Ripped and spinning group classes which would all fall under this category. Just think, two group classes a week and you are on your way to becoming the healthiest possible version of yourself!

You Are What You Eat

It’s true. You are what you eat. Humans have free will, we also have large waistlines. Based on the choices you make during the day, you have the ability and power to create the image you desire. For starters, eat off small plates, eat slower and choose healthy options over fried or fast food. Limit yourself at the grocery store, don’t buy the potato chips and cookies and you won’t be tempted at home. Imagine the future version of yourself and eat for that person!

Quiet Down

Surprisingly, just turning down the volume of your life actually improves your health. A University of British Columbia review found that those who have noisy jobs suffered two to three times the heart problems of those that didn’t have noisy jobs. Studies have shown that noise impedes learning, memory and concentration. So, enjoy a few minutes of silence each day and improve your quality of life!

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