4 Habits To Promote Weight Loss

4 Habits To Promote Weight Loss

Losing weight and keeping it off requires a lifestyle change. Fad diets are temporary, as are the results. To see lasting results, consistency is key. Maintaining a consistent lifestyle of weight loss begins with minor adjustments. Adjustments made to diet, exercise, and daily routine can aid in burning fat, boosting metabolism and cultivating a lifestyle of transformation. Below are 4 habits to incorporate into your day to see long term results for a transformed body.
1. Drink Water

Drinking eight 8 ounces of water a day boosts metabolism, cleanses your system and aids in weight loss management. Drinking water also helps regulate the body’s temperature through sweating. So, when you complete your daily workouts your body won’t be dehydrated. Water also helps energize muscles, providing the necessary balance of fluids and electrolytes.

2. Eat Often

Despite dieting trends of eating less, eating often speeds up your metabolism. However, frequent eating requires healthy eating. Dr Oz recommends eating within an hour of waking and every three hours after. Dividing your calorie intake into three meals with two snacks in between keeps your metabolism up and running throughout the day.

3. Exercise

Regular exercise helps prevent weight gain and maintains weight loss.  Each time you engage in physical activity, you burn calories. The more intense the activity, the more calories you burn. It doesn’t have to be long extended hours at the gym, just little, consistent periods of your day choosing to be active instead of sedentary. It will pay off in the long run!

4. Eat Clean

Eating clean is a lifestyle of healthy eating resulting in no need for diets. A clean diet consists of mostly lean proteins, fresh vegetables and a very limited amount of complex carbs. Listen to your body- what keeps you feeling energetic and full throughout the day? Eat those items- fiber rich fruit and vegetables to snack on, with an occasional treat will help slim the waistline while providing fuel for your body.

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