4 Ways To Boost Endurance To Get The Most From Your Workout!

4 Ways To Boost Endurance To Get The Most From Your Workout!

Want to get the absolute most from your workouts? Want to train for a marathon? See how you can boost stamina and endurance to build strength to propel you through! Building endurance isn’t just for running and other cardio workouts. One needs to also build stamina for weight lifting, as this is what fuels your cardio activities. See 4 ways you can begin to build longevity in your workouts, gaining the most from them!
1. Reduce Rest Time Between Sets

Simply put, the more muscle you gain, the more your heart and cardiovascular system will be challenged. If you desire greater endurance in your workouts, take shorter breaks for recovery time in between sets. Only take a break if you physically cannot continue. This will push you into the right direction!

2. Fast Paced Workouts

Will Torres, a New York based personal trainer and founder of a personal training studio, recommends high intensity weight lifting to build stamina for workouts. ‘When you use weights at an extremely rapid pace, it will not only improve your strength, but also carry over to improve endurance activity.’ HIIT workouts accomplish this goal well!

3. Eat Well!

When you are shooting to lengthen your workouts, you will want to fuel your body effectively. The body uses glycogen for fuel when the going gets tough. Once glycogen runs out, the body begins to burn fat. For extended cardio sessions, you will want to eat 30-60 grams of carbs an hour, depending on your body weight. One study found beets to help increase stamina up to 16% by reducing oxygen intake in athletes. So, eat up the beets!

4. Mix It Up

Instead of sticking to what you do well, try something to stretch you. Focus on your weakness and build into that. If you are a marathon runner, run intervals for speed. If you are used to running on flat plains, run some hills. Challenge yourself to push your body to the max!

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