5 Healthy Foods for a Hectic Lifestyle

5 Healthy Foods for a Hectic Lifestyle

Do you find yourself eating junk food due to a hectic schedule?

Franklin Athletic Club, a local full-service health club striving for a healthier community in Nashville, gives 5 fast and simple healthy snack options!

Most of us have experienced the feelings of grogginess and crabbiness from eating unhealthy fast food. At Franklin Athletic Club, we are here to help you regain an energetic and balanced body. The food we put into our body greatly affects our body’s functionalities. When we eat unhealthily, our metabolic processes slow down, and aging accelerates. Here are five fast and simple healthy snack options that help boost your body’s natural defense mechanisms allowing you to live an energetic and balanced lifestyle!

[titleblock size=”h3″]Greek Yogurt & Fruits[/titleblock]

Greek yogurt, with almost half the sugar and double the protein as regular yogurt, is a great low calorie snack packed with calcium and good-for-you bacterial cultures. Mixing it with fruits supercharges your snack with loads of antioxidants. Try having this snack post-workout to help with recovery.

[titleblock size=”h3″]Nuts[/titleblock]

Go nuts about nuts! Nuts are notorious for being nutrients-dense and packed with protein, amino acids, magnesium, healthy fats and fiber. All of these are vital for our body to function properly. Take a handful of any of the following: walnuts, almonds, pistachios, cashews, or a mix as a midday snack to boost energy.

[titleblock size=”h3″]Hard-boiled Egg[/titleblock]

This is an easy pick that is rich in protein, low in calorie, and contains two powerful essential nutrients: choline and lutein. The yoke contains a high amount of choline, which is great for your heart and lowers breast cancer risk. It is also a critical nutrient for maintaining normal functionality of cells, including metabolism, brain cell, nerve function, and liver function. And lutein, on the other hand, strengthens eye health. To neutralize the odor while boiling, add a splash of white vinegar.

[titleblock size=”h3″]Edamame[/titleblock]

Edamame is an easy snack on-the-go to boost your daily fiber and protein intake. One cup of it contains one-third of the daily recommended fiber and protein intake! It contains about 80% of manganese, which is good for your bones, your skin and your blood sugar regulation. Also helping with protection against free radicals. In addition, it contains iron and vitamin C. Try mixing dry-roasted edamame with nuts as a snack to give variety.

[titleblock size=”h3″]Hummus & Veggies[/titleblock]

Hummus can be made in a variety of ways. The classic hummus contains chickpeas that are loaded with iron and fiber. One cup of chickpeas contains half of the daily recommended fiber. It can also be made with edamame. Combine hummus with some crunchy veggies; like baby carrots, sliced bell peppers, broccoli, endive or celery.

[titleblock size=”h3″]Live your life to the fullest![/titleblock]

Include these healthy and simple snacks for your hectic schedule. Your body will thank you for it! When shopping around Franklin, check out the Franklin Farmers Market located at 230 Franklin Road ( If you don’t have time for grocery shopping, check out Franklin’s organic restaurants on yelp. Let’s build an energetic community together!