5 Reasons Women Should Strength Train

5 Reasons Women Should Strength Train

Learn why women should strength train and see how it can change your life from Franklin Athletic Club! 

If you think strength training will bulk you up as a woman, think again!  The National Center for Health Statistics say not even a quarter of women regularly strength train.  Although, the benefits are astounding!  See the top 5 ways a woman can change her life through strength training!

[titleblock size=”h3″]Improve Your Mood and Your Brain![/titleblock]

As you lift weights, your body releases endorphins which is the ‘feel great’ chemical in your brain.  Researchers believe that 10 weeks of consistent strength training could even help fight depression.  Consistent strength training is also said to contribute to higher GPA’s, according to a study conducted at a large southern state university.  So, get smarter and happier with weights!

[titleblock size=”h3″]Banish The Muffin Top[/titleblock]

That’s right, strength training will actually help get rid of unwanted belly fat!  You no longer need to focus on 100 crunches a day to do it.  Vary your workout routine by adding in some weights!  Research shows women who workout with weights burn more deep belly fat than those who just do cardio.

[titleblock size=”h3″]Burn More[/titleblock]

Those that strength train with weights will actually burn more calories after a workout than they do when just sticking to cardio.  This phenomenon is due to excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.  So, kill two birds with one stone – workout with weights and watch the calories melt away double time!

[titleblock size=”h3″]Stand Taller[/titleblock]

Strengthening the core will make you taller, well, will help you stand taller.  Your overall posture is improved when working the core and lower back, also decreasing neck and back pain due to bad posture!

[titleblock size=”h3″]Boost your Metabolism[/titleblock]

As if you needed one more incentive – but strength training improves your metabolism as well!  Building muscle helps you burn more calories, and not just as you are working out.  You will be burning calories long after your workout too.

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