Benefits of Spinning

Benefits of Spinning

Spin classes have been going strong since the 1980’s. ‘Johnny G’, Johnny Goldberg, the famous cyclist invented indoor cycling after he was hit by a car while training for a race one night. After that event, Goldberg set to work to radically improve the indoor bicycle for the purpose of developing an indoor workout program. Ten years later, Goldberg and his partner began making the first Spinner bikes and officially offered the first spinning class at a gym in New York. See why spinning has been a popular choice for exercise enthusiasts and athletes alike for over 30 years.
Strength Building

Spinning isn’t just for working out legs. It’s a total body workout, toning core, back, rear, legs, and arms. In a typical class, you will incorporate differing speeds, weights and resistance to work the whole body effectively. Keoni Hudoba, creator of the Cyc Method says, ‘If we are promoting a full body workout, we want to make sure we’re delivering’. Some classes may include dribbling a basketball or speed bagging with weights to activate minor muscle groups while pedaling.

Low Impact Cardio

Cardio is necessary for a healthy heart and spin class is one of the best ways to get your cardio workout in. Cardio helps one to lose weight and boosts metabolism.  Spinning allows for low impact cardio, an ideal option to guard against injury or jolting impact on joints. You can expect to burn up to hundreds of calories per class, and muscles to be stretched, strengthened and challenged.

Excel At Your Own Pace

Though you are participating in a group class, you have the opportunity to work at your own pace. Instructors will urge class members to work beyond personal limits, while allowing for modifications for beginners.

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