Get A Six-Pack By Summer

Get A Six-Pack By Summer

Summer is around the corner, as in just 3 weeks away! Are you ready? Are your abs ready? Don’t wait till it’s too late to start working on a summer body. Franklin Athletic Club shows how you can get a six-pack by summer. It’s not as hard as it may seem, although, it does require focused effort. It’s all about consistent exercise, strict diet and calorie expenditure. Putting forth a little effort, however, will pay off if you are motivated to see results!

You can do sit ups and crunches all day long, but you won’t see results if you don’t change your diet. You must maintain a clean diet. A clean diet consists of mostly lean proteins, fresh vegetables and a very limited amount of complex carbs. Eating 6 smaller meals a day can help you stick to a stricter diet, as opposed to eating larger meals fewer times a day. A smaller meal may be just a protein shake or nuts with a piece of fruit. Lunch and dinner meals would consist of baked, steamed or grilled lean meat with several steamed vegetables or salad.

High Intensity Training

In order to see the chiseled abs, you must first lose the layer of fat covering it up. This is where your cardio comes in. You’ve got to work up a sweat and keep your heart rate up for 30 minutes minimum, to burn excess fat.  HIIT training is an excellent way to achieve this.  Do this five times a week to see results.

Ab Training

This is the final step in achieving sculpted abdominals. Be sure you work your entire core through abdominal strength training exercises, not just one exercise which only targets one section of your abdominals. For instance, crunches work the upper abdominals, while leg lifts work the lower abdominals. Perform multiple exercises targeting the upper and lower abdominals, along with the oblique’s five times a week.

 Come Workout at Franklin Athletic Club To Achieve Your Six-Pack By Summer!

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