What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Warm Lemon Water!

What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Warm Lemon Water!

Who knew drinking something so simple could affect so much in your body? A daily dose of lemon and water can help everything from rejuvenating skin to digestion to flushing out toxins. Lemons provide a rich source of nutrients and antibacterial properties. It also helps support your immune system and plays as a blood purifier. See how making a glass of warm lemon water a daily routine can aid in workouts as well! This is what drinking a glass of warm water with a generous squeeze of lemon can do for you!
What Drinking Lemon Water Does For You!

  1. Protects the body against immune deficiencies
  2. Balances pH levels in the body
  3. Flushes out toxins
  4. Aids in digestion
  5. Prevents growth of pathogenic bacteria that causes infections
  6. Reduces pain and inflammation in joints and knees
  7. Nourish brain cells
  8. Strengthens the liver
  9. Relieves heart burn
  10. Prevents wrinkles and acne
  11. Replenishes body salts after a difficult workout
  12. Hydrates your body after workouts
  13. Helps fight respiratory infections, including sore throats and tonsil inflammation
  14. Can help lower blood pressure
  15. Helps relieve tooth pain and gingivitis

How To Reap These Benefits From Water and Lemon

Now that you know what it does, this is how you do it! Take half a cup of purified water and heat till warm. Squeeze in half a lemon. Drink first thing in morning on an empty stomach.

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