How To Break Thru Work Out Plateaus

How To Break Thru Work Out Plateaus

If you’ve spent any lengthy amount of time in a gym, chances are you have seen results in bodybuilding, strength training, endurance or weight loss. Chances are you have also experienced a plateau in your success along the way. Don’t be discouraged, this happens to everyone. A plateau occurs when progress stalls, despite maintaining proper exercise and healthy eating habits. So, when this happens, what can you do to push through for success?
Why Our Bodies Plateau

According to the Mayo Clinic, when a workout program begins, the body responds by building muscle and losing fat. The metabolism increases to keep up at the initial start. However, as weight decreases, metabolism declines as well, causing one to burn fewer calories than at the beginning of workout initiation. To push past the plateau, try these approaches below.

Reassess Habits

Be sure you actually have maintained the healthy eating plan. Many times after tasting the sweet success of achieving a few additional miles on a run, or losing extra weight, one can easily justify a ‘cheat’ meal or too. Look back at food consumed and activity records. Keep yourself accountable to not skipping the last rep or serving larger portions.

Rev Up Your Workout

Whatever amount of time is spent working out, increase it. Increase the intensity as well, to burn more calories. Cross train to shock your body into another activity, using muscle groups not normally used. Bodies adapt to exercise, which is why some of the most successful programs are those that vary exercises consistently.

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