How To Find Joy Working Out

How To Find Joy Working Out

Have you lost the joy of working out? Do you feel like you are always falling short of where you ‘need’ to be and measuring your workouts by failure or success? If leaving the gym brings more guilt from reps you didn’t complete, or thoughts of what you could have done, read on! Our goal at Franklin Athletic Club is to see you grab hold of a better life, which means a happier life. Leaving the gym with a joyful sense of accomplishment, energetically prepared to tackle the day’s tasks is the priority. Find out how three simple rules can get you from a guilt-ladened workout to a fulfilled sense of well-being!
1. Don’t Compare

Comparison kills you. When you compare yourself to another person, you can always find someone that is better, which leaves you feeling less than adequate. Hitting the gym then becomes a competition with everyone around you that you have to surpass or succeed. Research has shown that being hard on yourself actually decreases motivation and goal completion. Rather than using other people as your barometer, use personal values or personal goals as your gauge to compare yourself to. When this is accomplished, you can truly celebrate victories with others and work out in teams, using ‘competition’ to motivate rather than beat you down.

2. Know Your Identity

Who do you expect yourself to be? If your expectations for yourself vary day to day, depending on whom you are around, your life may feel like a roller coaster of inadequacy. Begin each morning writing down your skills and strengths. Write down who you want to become, your dreams and aspirations. This will give you a healthy perspective to start your day. When you fully accept yourself, you can accept others which leads to the next point- living with joy!

3. Choose Joy

Choose joy in the journey, it’s a choice, and it has to be made for a better life. Fill a page with things you are grateful for everyday. Emmons and McCullough, American researchers, conducted a study in 2003 where they assigned 3 groups of young adults to keep daily journals. To one group they assigned the task of journaling what things annoy them. Another group was asked to journal reasons why they were better off than others. The third group was assigned to keep gratitude journals. The third group showed greater increase in determination, attention, enthusiasm, and even energy compared to the other groups. Just by simply choosing thankfulness, you can have joy, energy and determination to get you through your workouts and your day!

 Grab Hold Of A Better Life At Franklin Athletic Club

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