How Women Can Age Well!

How Women Can Age Well!

Want to avoid sagging muscles and baggy knees as you age? Included are a few tips on how to age well from Franklin Athletic Club!
Learn how women, especially, can age well with a few questions and answers from Franklin Athletic Club. The fact is, as we age, certain parts of our bodies don’t operate the way they used to. You can spot this in saggy areas around knees, elbows and once tight muscles. How can a person stop the effects of aging, or at least slow them down? Read on to find out!

 Can Women Stop Muscle Loss As Age Progresses?

It is a fact that women’s muscle mass decreases by 1 percent a year starting at age 30. This is known as sarcopenia. The atrophy of muscles can be delayed, however, with the right tools in hand, or mind! To keep your muscles vital and engaged as you age, you must feed and challenge them regularly. Strategic muscle exhausting exercises that utilize the brain at the same time will take your body to a place of consistent improvement. The brain is important in muscle development. Keeping your brain engaged and connected to the activity at hand connects your nervous system to your muscles, providing strength to your muscles and thus delaying the aging process.

Is It Possible To Not Have Saggy Skin As You Age?

It is, however, there is work to attain this. Using all your muscles in a balanced way is one important aspect of this. If you are good at cardio, sweating, and detoxifying, your skin will age much better. If muscular strengthening isn’t consistently present, then as proteins and collagen are lost, skin becomes thinner and weak looking.

Does Exercise Stop The Aging Process?

Understanding that the way you move has the power to change the way your body looks and feels. How you move, why you move, and how often you move is a powerful tool. Regular, focused exercise actually provides evidentiary support for anti-aging facts.

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