How Keeping A Food Journal Will Help You Reach Your Weight Goals

How Keeping A Food Journal Will Help You Reach Your Weight Goals

Tired of getting meat sweats at the buffet? Well, find out how keeping a food journal can help you reach your weight goals and help you make better food choices! It’s all about accountability and being aware of what you eat. Studies have shown that food diary’s can be key in losing extra weight. Find out how!
Do Food Diary’s Work?

A recent study led by Jack Hollis, of Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research, showed 1700 individuals who participated in a weight loss program with some keeping daily food records and others who did not. Of those that kept records, they lost twice as much weight as those who did not keep food records. ‘Keeping a food diary is one of the most powerful weight management tools we have’, says Hollis. The act of writing down what you put into your mouth brings an awareness that often results in choosing healthier options and eating smaller portions.

Helps Stop The Munchies!

Eating when you aren’t hungry is often called emotional eating. Realizing that consuming food is often caused not by hunger, but from boredom, sadness, happiness or just a subconscious habit, can help prevent over eating. Keeping a food journal helps identify the ‘why’ of eating choices and helps you form new habits, as well!

Learn How To Make Better Food Choices

Connecting what you eat to how your body feels is one of the most important factors gained in food journaling.  Track things like energy mood, mental clarity and digestive issues, you may be surprised at what you find in the long run!

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