Learn about Les Mills BodyPump and why it will work for you!

Learn about Les Mills BodyPump and why it will work for you!

Do you want a workout that is more than just exercising? Franklin Athletic Club has partnered with Les Mills to create a fitter planet. Are you ready to fall in love with fitness and have it change your life?   Les Mills BodyPump, offered at Franklin Athletic Club, is intent on creating an atmosphere where people who want to achieve better results will. See what Les Mills BodyPump is all about and how it can take your gym membership to a whole new level!
Why Does It Work?

A recent study conducted by Sao Paolo University in Brazil studied the actual effectiveness of the BodyPump program on a group of sedentary women. The results were astounding. For the study, women participated in two BodyPump training sessions per week for 12 weeks. The study described, ‘Subjects reported no or little experience with weight training and no exercise training engagement in the six months preceding the study.’ Researchers wanted to quantify the neuromuscular, metabolic, and aerobic running fitness effects of BodyPump. Measurements were taken at the beginning for isotonic strength, incremental exhaustion, blood samples, heart rate, elecrtomyographic recordings and anthropometric assessments. At the conclusion of the study, the results showed improvement at increasing muscular strength, endurance and developing efficiency in movements and muscle activation.

What Do You Do?

The typical BodyPump class is 60 minutes in length and involves moderate to high intensity resistance training. In a class a participant will work with barbells and will execute approximately 800 repititions of various exercises. In each class, one can expect to burn 560-1000 calories. The exercises included in a BodyPump class are:

  • Squats
  • Chest Press
  • Deadrow
  • Clean and Press
  • Press Pullover Combo
  • Lunges
  • Reverse Curl

Come To Franklin Athletic Club To Try Your Les Mills BodyPump Class!

Franklin Athletic Club is a full service health offering a wide range of state of the art equipment, programs, and services to keep you motivated and enable you to reach your fitness goals. Our philosophy is to give our members a clean, professionally managed facility with friendly staff and accomplish all this at an affordable price. Come see us to grab hold of a better life today!

See our group classes to find when we’re holding our next BodyPump class! These are usually free for members.