Run a 5K By Christmas

The holidays are just around the corner. Along with the arrival of stuffing and trimmings, annual turkey trots and jingle bell runs return as well. No need to be intimidated by a holiday run, even if you haven’t walked a block in the last 6 months. Multiple training programs abound for preparing one to run, from couch to 5K programs to 3-week training calendars. Below are a few helpful tips and a training schedule to get you ready in three weeks, just in time for jogging with Santa.
Getting Started

Former long distance track Olympian Jeff Galloway, author of Running: Getting Started, says to make ‘walk, don’t run’ your mantra when first starting out. Combine walking and running into your training regimen when you first begin. If you aren’t comfortable running, begin by running for 10 seconds and walking the remainder of the minute. Repeat this for the remainder of your training schedule. For instance, if you are tracking time, complete for time allotted, if it’s for distance, complete for total distance required. After a few days, alternate running or two minutes and walking for one. As you build stamina, increase the running time and decrease walking time.

Three Week Training Plan

Week 1

Monday: Rest and mentally prepare for your run

Tuesday: Easy 15 minute jog

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 15 minute jog

Friday: 30 minutes cross training- cycling, spinning, weight lifting

Saturday: 20 minute run- steady and slow!

Sunday: Easy 10 minute jog


Week 2

Monday: stretch and rest

Tuesday: 1.5mile jog

Wednesday: Cross Training 30 minutes

Thursday: 1.5mile jog

Friday: Cross Training 45 minutes

Saturday: 2.5 mile run

Sunday: Easy 10 minute jog


Week 3

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Cross Training 3o minutes

Wednesday: 2 mile run

Thursday: 1 mile run

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Race Day! Run 3.1 miles!

Sunday: Rest

For more information on personal training regimes, contact Franklin Athletic Club for a consultation with a personal trainer.