Three Post-Thanksgiving Workouts

Chances are, you consumed a large amount of food over Thanksgiving weekend. Turkey, sweet potatoes, and pie are all ingredients for a hefty holiday meal resulting in excessive eating. According to research from the Calorie Control Council, average Americans consume more than 4,500 calories during a typical Thanksgiving gathering. After the carnage aftermath, what can you do to get back into gym rat shape? Below are three workout regimens after a weekend of holiday binging.
10 Minute Workouts

This idea is especially helpful with family activities and guests in town. Instead of attempting to carve out the usual hour at the gym, begin with 10-minute workouts. If you have additional time, repeat the exercises throughout the day. Below are a few samples of a 10-minute workout.

 1. 10 -Minute Full Body Workout

Warm up with 25-50 jumping jacks.

Perform 10-12 reps twice of dumbbell squats with overhead press

Perform 10-12 reps twice of dumbbell push-up row to single arm dumbbell row.

Perform 12 high knee step-ups with reverse lunges

2. 10-Minute Lower Body Workout

25 squats with weights

10 lunge jumps per leg

10 side plank rotations

10 front plank taps

10 lateral lunges per leg

10 squat jumps

25 side kicks per leg

60 second squat hold

3. 10-Minute Calorie Burn Workout

Complete routine as a circuit three times.

25-50 jumping jacks

5 push-ups

10 squats jumps

5 push ups

10 vertical jumps

5 push-ups

Have a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving Holiday from Franklin Athletic Club!!