What Spinning can do for you – and what to expect

What Spinning can do for you – and what to expect

If you thought spin classes were for people who like to go on occasional bike rides, you are mistaken. They aren’t for those considering the Tour de France, either. Spin classes benefit everyone from the beginner athlete to the elite advanced fitness buff. This cardiovascular, butt kicking workout does more than just tone your legs. See why you should be in a spin class and how it can benefit you!
Full Body Workout

Most assuredly you will get a great leg workout. The pedaling alone works the quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves, and even your core! Not only does it affect your legs, but studies have shown that indoor cycling helps shed unwanted pounds, gets rid of migraines, and is easy on the joints, unlike other high impact aerobics. Spin instructors also like to incorporate weight training as well, which works the upper body for a total-body burn.

You’ll Leave Euphoric

You get an energy high after the ride that goes home with you. As you spin, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. Endorphines reduce your perception of pain and trigger positive feelings in the body, similar to morphine. This is also known as a ‘runners high’, unless you are in spin class in which case it is known as the ‘spin high’.

What To Wear

You are going to sweat. A lot. Dress yourself in moisture-wicking workout gear to keep cool and dry. Cycling shoes are sometimes required, but normal athletic trainers will work as well!

Get In the Saddle

You want to create the perfect fit on the bike. When one leg is at a 30 degree angle at the bottom of the pedal stroke, your seat is at the right height. For the handlebars, you will want to position them so the neck and back are not strained. The balls of your feet should rest on the center of the pedal and the kneecap should be aligned directly with the center. Don’t forget to strap in your feet before you begin!

Know The Lingo

Some instructors use numbers to call out hand positions for the handlebars. ‘Position 1’ is home base. To put your hands in Position 1, grip the center of the bars, this is where you will typically do your warm ups and cool downs.

‘Position 2’ is where the hands will be for the majority of the class, right on the bar that crosses the body. ‘Position 3’ is used when standing or climbing.

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