Why Exercise Sequence Matters

Why Exercise Sequence Matters

Does exercise sequence matter in your workouts? We believe it does, and here’s why. Each body is unique with specific needs or target areas to be worked on. Generally speaking, a typical workout needs every muscle group appropriately taxed for maximum potential and growth. However, if you were already sufficiently built in the chest, but not so in the legs, the typical workout routine would not be best for your body type. The idea is, for balanced symmetry in the body, your specific physique requires custom execution of exercises to maximize your potential, by focusing on weaker areas while maintaining stronger areas. This is where sequence can help you build that ripped body you are working for. Below are a few principles in determining the right sequence for your workouts.
The Priority Principle

What are the main body parts you want to build mass to? Take note of these and categorize into body areas. For instance, if you wish to build your shoulders, this would be the back and shoulders group. If you wish to build triceps, this would be in the body area of arms and chest. The prioritization principle addresses weaker body parts and aids in sequencing workouts for target areas.

Concentration Before Compound

A trick to targeting weaker areas is to complete a concentration type movement before completing a compound movement. For example, if you want to add mass to your bicep, begin with hammer curls followed by alternating dumbbell curls. This will lead your target area into exhaustion for building muscle mass.

Exercise Larger Muscles Before Smaller

As a general rule of thumb, you always want to work out larger muscle groups before exercises targeting smaller muscle groups. Sequence the larger muscles first in your daily workout routine. This would look like completing chest exercises before shoulders, shoulders before biceps, quads before calves, etc….

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