Yoga Styles and Which One Is Best For You

Yoga varies as vastly as styles of tennis shoes. One class may be a contemplative, meditation class getting in touch with your inner child and the next class may work you up to the point of sheer exhaustion. How do you know which one is best for you? Below are a few of the most popular forms of yoga and the purpose behind each one.
Ananda Yoga

This type of yoga focuses on strategic positions and postures of the body. With this mental and physical focus, energy is released to the brain and aids in stress relief. One must be mindful of appropriate alignment of the body while maintaining precise breathing techniques. Ananda helps with digestion, circulation, and strengthens muscles.

Bikrim Yoga

If you desire an intense, sweaty hardcore workout, this yoga style is for you. Bikrim traditionally utilizes heat up to 105 degrees during classes. The class itself incorporates fitness into the movements making this an endurance and strength-based workout.


Hatha is the best yoga option for newbies. This form of yoga is most popular and builds upon the basic core yoga postures. This form is ideal for stress management, with music playing to create a peaceful environment. According to the Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine, ‘Women who practice Hatha once or twice a week recover faster from stress than those who don’t.’

Power Yoga

Another form of yoga to opt for if you’re looking for a great workout. Power yoga combines endurance, strength training, stretching, breathing and meditation in one class. Many of the basic moves of power yoga are push-ups and planks worked in a continuous flow making this an aerobic experience.

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