Zumba Your Way Into A Healthier Life

Zumba Your Way Into A Healthier Life

Need motivation in your daily exercise routine? Nashville Athletic Club gives ideas on incorporating dance, fun and energy into your cardio routine. Learn how!
Grab Hold of a Better Life with a Zumba Dance Party! Nashville Athletic Club is intently focused on giving you a workout that actually ‘works’ while enjoying the process. Our full service health club offers a wide range of state of the art equipment, programs and services to keep you motivated to enable you to reach your personal health and fitness goals. Being motivated is half the effort in working out. That is why we offer a variety of classes providing differing workouts from spinning to dancing to motivate and inspire your daily workout routine. For instance, our Zumba class, which takes the ‘work’ out of workout and turns your exercise into a party!

 Why It Works

Zumba mixes low intensity and high intensity moves for an interval style dance party that burns calories and sheds fat. Dance to the beat of Latin and World rhythms, you’ll see why these classes are often labeled as ‘exercise in disguise’. It works out the total body. Combing cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, there is nothing routine in this exercise class. You will experience a boost in energy with an added bonus of learning some fun dance moves!

Free Group Fitness Classes!

Check out our class schedule. Enjoy free group fitness classes every day of the week. Stop by and experience fitness at a whole new level of fun! You can find our Zumba class Schedule here.

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