3 Simple Exercises for Losing Weight and Why They Work

3 Simple Exercises for Losing Weight and Why They Work

Want to lose weight, but don’t know how to begin? We give you three simple exercises you can do to get you started on your journey. Whether it is a few pounds
or a long term goal, a lifestyle with consistent exercise habits will increase your
quality of life. Exercising regularly helps prevent weight gain and maintains weight
loss as you burn calories. Learn what exercises you can do to burn calories, and lose

[titleblock size=”h3″]Fat Burning Exercises[/titleblock]

[titleblock size=”h3″]Cross Jack[/titleblock]

This exercise combines cardio with core strengthening exercises. Stand with feet
hip width apart, arms at sides. Jump feet wide as you raise arms overhead, crossing
one wrist in front of the other. Jump feet together, crossing one foot in front of the
other as you cross arms in front of hips. Continue for 1 minute, switching arm and
feet positions.

[titleblock size=”h3″]Spidey Crawl[/titleblock]

This one gets all your core muscles burning, building muscle and losing fat! Get in
full push up position, arms extended with wrists under shoulders, as in a plank
position. Step right foot forward to bring right knee toward right elbow as you
crawl forward with the left hand. Switch sides, bringing left knee toward left elbow
as you reach forward with right hand. Remain in crouched position throughout the
exercise. Crawl forward for 30 seconds and reverse crawl to beginning.

[titleblock size=”h3″]Plank[/titleblock]

This classic position is the ultimate isometric exercise. It builds strength in the
midsection, upper-body and lower body along the front of your body. It involves
contracting your muscles against stationary resistance. Planks help get you past the
strength training plateaus and improve energy. Begin in a push up position, with
toes on floor, and elbows and forearms resting on the floor. Your body will be lifted
up from the floor, with balls of feet and forearms bearing the weight. Hold for 1
minute. Work up to several minutes a day.

[titleblock size=”h3″]Grab Hold Of A Better Life![/titleblock]

You can grab hold of a better life with just a few simple changes to your lifestyle.
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